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We here at OP/Station are excited to unveil our new website!  Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for more changes, features, and information about your future workstations.
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Are Hazardous Locations an issue for you?

All microOP units can be purged for Division 1 or 2 environments.

OP/Station is certified to provide UL labeled units for 508 A and Hazardous Locations with a purge or pressurized system.
OP/Station now UL Certified
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Class, Divisions and Groups; Oh my…..  

“Class 1, Division 2, Groups C&D….Class 2, Division 2, Class 1, Division 1…..”
“X-Purge, Z-Purge, Isolators”

Putting computer equipment into hazardous locations can be confusing and complicated.  At OP/Station we have the experience to help you thru the maze to meet your requirements.  And we have UL Listed stations for hazardous locations with purged or pressurized systems.

So whether you have a very simple screen that needs to go into a hazardous location for operator use or need to have a full workstation connected to your network’s material management system and requires the use of a touch screen and bar code scanner; OP/Station has solutions and experience to meet your full range of requirements.
Fight off that chill in the air with 30% off the OP/Station  micro/OP Viewstation, normally priced at $6,295, now only $4,495!

The mirco/OP Viewstation offers a 17" Flat Panel Touchscreen Monitor, an Industrial Keyboard with Pointing Device, along with a KVM Extender, all in a NEMA 4X enclosure on a 4'x4' pedestal.

The micro/OP Viewstation allows you to remotely access your PC from up to 150' away.

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