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OP/Station Company History
OP/Station® is a division of Automated Control Concepts, Inc. (ACC). With offices in Neptune, NJ and Rockville, MD, ACC is a leading supplier of automation technology products and services for manufacturing companies. The OP/Station product is an Industrial Computer Workstation designed for NEMA 12/4/4X and hazardous duty environments. OP/Station is recognized as a rugged workstation that provides exceptional value, flexibility and reliability to our customers.

In 2003, OP/Station became UL-certified, solidifying our position as a leader in providing industrial workstations for hazardous areas.

Today’s OP/Station is a result of our proud history.  Our unique, industry leading designs, our hardware integration services, UL Certification and much, much more allows or customers to truly “Think outside (and inside) the box”.

OP/Station has evolved to become a complete industrial workstation product line - from an enclosure to protect the customer’s PC through a completely integrated workstation that includes the PC, LCD, Touchscreen, Purging System, Cooling, and other peripherals.
- microOP® Takes the Stage –

By the late 1990’s LCDs were beginning to make an appearance in manufacturing applications.  For OP/Station – that meant another opportunity to bring a better solution and product to our customers – the microOP! 

microOP is a NEMA 4X stainless workstation with LCD, ruggedized keyboard and pointing device, and much more.  

In typical OP/Station fashion, our customers asked for numerous form factors and we delivered. Throughout the next decade, we introduced:

microOP/PC – designed to house a standard desktop PC
microOP/WS – fully integrated workstation including an industrial PC
microOP/ATM – space saving unit for mounting in a wall
microOP/FA – front access for hanging on a wall or skid
microOP/VS – designed for use with KVMs (and later thin clients) to be remote from the PC
-OP/Station Plus-
(Hardware Integration)

1993 marked a major change in OP/Station’s development – the OP/Station Plus!  OP/Station Plus was a complete workstation, not just enclosure, keyboard and monitor – but also the PC. 

By the end of the 1990’s, OP/Station was recognized as the leader in industrial workstation hardware integration – designing custom workstation solutions to meet a client’s specific application needs – but at prices and deliveries more closely associated with standard products.
- The Early Days -

Recognizing the rapid migration of personal computers to the factory floor, ACC introduced OP/Station in 1987 as a means of protecting a PC in harsh environments.  Our original product – the “OP/Station Blue” 900-Series rapidly became a recognizable mainstay in many manufacturing environments.

As the market matured, our customers began asking for different form factors and options.  From tilt-and-swivel monitors to stainless steel construction for our food and pharmaceutical customers, OP/Station introduced several new products each year including our unique 300-Series workstation and the extremely popular 900SS.
-The Original-
The OP/Station 900 Series
An example of one of OP/Station’s early hardware integration projects – our 700-Series (introduced in 1994 and still popular today), with PCs, monitor (a CRT!), slide-out keyboard, dot-matrix printer and UPS.